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Cesare Pietroiusti


Cesare Pietroiusti was born in 1955 in Rome, where he currently lives. Trained as a medical doctor, Pietroiusti studied Psychiatry in the late 1970s. His artist’s book Pensieri non funzionali (1997) - Non Functional Toughts (2000) documents many of his projects, both realized and un-realized (www.nonfunctionalthoughts.net). Either singularly or as a member of collectives, Pietroiusti participated in group and solo exhibitions since 1977, including “Exhibit A” ( Serpentine Gallery, London, 1992); “NowHere” (Louisiana Museum, Humlebæk, 1996); Venice Biennale (1990, 1999, 2003); Tirana Biennale (2005), Performa 07, New York (2007) and the Athens Biennale (2009). Solo projects were held at Jartrakor, Rome (1978, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985), Studio Casoli, Milano (1987), Galleria Alice, Rome (1989); Galleria Primo Piano, Rome (1994); Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2007); MaMbo, Bologna (2008, with Stefano Arienti); Galleria Franco Sofantino, Torino (2009); and Wilkinson Gallery, London (2009). Pietroiusti has been a professor of studio practice at the University of Venice (IUAV) since 2004 and is MFA faculty professor at Te Art Institute of Boston (2009- on-going), as well as curator at the Fondazione Ratti residency program in Como (2007-2011). Co-founder of many artist-run projects including the experimental space Jartrakor in Rome (1977-1985), Gruppo di Piombino (1986-1992), Giochi del Senso e/o Nonsenso (1996), Oreste (1997-2001), Nomads and Residents in New York (2000-2001), Lu Cafausu (2007-ongoing),Trastevere 259 (2009-ongoing), and Museo dell’Arte Italiana in esilio (2010-ongoing), Pietroiusti is currently (2012-ongoing) administrating a quasi-bankrupt medical clinic in Roma.