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A perforated black canvas, a dark star-studded sky

Giovanni Oberti

01 Apr 2023 — 20 May 2023
Appunti 1942-1993

Xiao Zhiyu

28 Jan 2023 — 17 Mar 2023
Chapter V

João Freitas

21 Oct 2022 — 19 Nov 2022
Chapter IV

Mirthe Klück

22 Sep 2022 — 16 Oct 2022
Chapter III

Marco Andrea Magni

24 Jul 2022 — 06 Aug 2022
Chapter II

Oscar Abraham Pabón

12 Jul 2022 — 22 Jul 2022
Chapter I

Eugenia Vanni

22 Jun 2022 — 08 Jul 2022

João Freitas, Mirthe Klück, Marco Andrea Magni, Oscar Abraham Pabón, Eugenia Vanni

07 May 2022 — 04 Jun 2022

Eugenia Vanni, Michele Tocca

22 Jan 2020 — 25 Jan 2020

Emanuele Becheri

24 May 2019 — 11 Jul 2019

Marco Andrea Magni

16 Feb 2019 — 12 Apr 2019
We are not used to remembering things that will happen

Serena Vestrucci

16 Nov 2018 — 11 Jan 2019

Mirthe Klück, Marco Andrea Magni, Serena Vestrucci

31 Oct 2018 — 03 Nov 2018

João Freitas

14 Sep 2018 — 04 Nov 2018

Mirthe Klück

04 May 2018 — 06 Jul 2018
miart 2018

Mirthe Klück, Marco Andrea Magni, Eugenia Vanni, Serena Vestrucci

10 Apr 2018 — 13 Jul 2018
Il Paradigma di Kuhn – atto secondo
26 Jan 2018 — 27 Feb 2018
20 Jan 2018 — 30 Mar 2018
Ogni colore dipinge se stesso e anche gli altri

Eugenia Vanni

29 Sep 2017 — 10 Nov 2017
Extra Moenia

Helena Hladilovà, Namsal Siedlecki

28 Jun 2017 — 10 Sep 2017
Miart 2017

João Freitas, Marco Andrea Magni, Oscar Abraham Pabón

12 Apr 2017 — 15 Apr 2017
Lo Spazio Punto

Marco Andrea Magni

05 Dec 2016 — 17 Feb 2017
An Archaeology of The Oath

Oscar Abraham Pabón, Eugenia Vanni

30 Sep 2016 — 27 Nov 2016
Notte in Bianco

Serena Vestrucci

01 Apr 2016 — 27 Jun 2016
Lotteria Immanuel

Christian Manuel Zanon

18 Jan 2016 — 03 Mar 2016
Tapping in The Dark

Edith Dekyndt, Sophie Giraux, Mario De Brabandere

21 Sep 2015 — 20 Nov 2015

João Freitas

01 May 2015 — 24 Jun 2015

Giovanni Giaretta, Renato Leotta, Cesare Pietroiusti

16 Feb 2015 — 11 Apr 2015
Allegoria #2. La Pittura Oltre se Stessa

Angelo Sarleti, Michele Tocca

18 Sep 2014 — 18 Nov 2014
Point of view: pitture imperfette

Sara Enrico, Helena Hladilovà, Pietro Manzo, Giovanni Oberti

15 Mar 2014 — 25 May 2014
De Sculptura

Giulio Delvè, Namsal Siedlecki

23 Sep 2013 — 15 Nov 2013
RSVP Contemporary art in private spaces

Emanuele Becheri, Ettore Favini

14 May 2013 — 14 May 2013
Il Primo Giorno di Sole

Serena Fineschi

03 May 2013 — 29 Jun 2013
Genealogia #3

Francesco Carone

08 Mar 2013 — 29 Apr 2013
Più Giovani di Così non si Poteva

Marco Andrea Magni

26 Oct 2012 — 04 Jan 2013
Mein Gebiet

Luca Cutrufelli

21 Jun 2012 — 30 Jul 2012
Genealogia #2

Giovanni Ozzola, Remo Salvadori

16 Mar 2012 — 29 Apr 2012
Genealogia #1

Emanuele Becheri, Carlo Guaita

21 Sep 2011 — 10 Nov 2011
I luoghi e le cose

Leonardo Meoni

I luoghi e le cose

Leonardo Meoni

Opening: 13 Oct 2023

First and foremost for us it was the idea of a landscape, and perhaps even before that the idea of movement. Rather than an idea, we might say a sensation, a breeze blowing in something new, or perhaps blowing something out, too. Also, clearly, right from the start there was this idea of in and out, an invisible boundary inhabited by the wind, alongside places and things. And there was also the idea of the town, or the city, it was always just an image: the name was unknown to us, but we could hear its noises, smell its smells.
At first it was an exercise involving the landscape, space, and the way this becomes broken up.
What happens if we take things out of their places: we imagined the mark they would leave in the ground, and we dreamed we were digging our fingers into it. Then there were jottings, which have become images: how can we describe the shadow of our steps? The air that fills oak trees?
Then they asked us whether we knew time, its time: it inhabits all the centuries, the years, and the months.

The day that was Monday in the dream,
was the first day of sunshine, and it was cold.

cars scored the walls with their lights, piercing the blankets
And by day I sought the shadow of people's steps, the stuff that fills space and lives between things
I must have been twenty-five
and the moon was falling;
the moon was falling, and I never had the time.

I watched the smell of fullness that heralds rain
I waited until it rained, on the roof of the outskirts, so that the walls could talk to each other,
and the fold below your eyes could capture the light.

Then one day I realized
the dripping wet folds on the backs of the workers
empty clothes catching the wind
the shadows, suspended, of flights of steps

One day I understood
That first of all there are places,
followed by the people who live in them

And that there, where the grey lies creeping, animals in their cages must have dreams akin to mine.

I climbed onto his legs,
the legs, without a shadow of doubt, of a giant.

What am I to do with these impossible legs,
with feet made of the wind,
I can go no further than the outer enclosure, I cannot get out and beyond

where animals chase each other, and disappear,
where dogs' bones,
football games,
and a bare skeleton
in the corners of the earth
that nobody inhabits,
and all the other stories.

“The darkness stretches over all like a livid shadow, but I can do nothing”

I shut my eyes.

How are we to describe the land of noises,
that becomes broken,
that moves,
that gives us sustenance, shrinking,
that, ultimately, absorbs us,
and renders us immortal.

“But I can do no more than this.”

When I touch those hands roughened by the ground
I see a city in the midst of the sea,

Now that last night I dreamed that I was having a dream about you, and I encountered your hands,
your own hands,
bathed by a breath of kisses between the fingers,

now the night, is the city of the wind.

The moon was falling.

Micol Teora and Leonardo Meoni

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