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Marco Andrea Magni

16 Feb 2019 — 12 Apr 2019
We are not used to remembering things that will happen

Serena Vestrucci

16 Nov 2018 — 11 Jan 2019

Mirthe Klück, Marco Andrea Magni, Serena Vestrucci

31 Oct 2018 — 03 Nov 2018

João Freitas

14 Sep 2018 — 04 Nov 2018

Mirthe Klück

04 May 2018 — 06 Jul 2018
miart 2018

Mirthe Klück, Marco Andrea Magni, Eugenia Vanni, Serena Vestrucci

10 Apr 2018 — 13 Jul 2018
Il Paradigma di Kuhn – atto secondo
26 Jan 2018 — 27 Feb 2018
20 Jan 2018 — 30 Mar 2018
ArtVerona 2017

Marco Andrea Magni, Eugenia Vanni, Serena Vestrucci

12 Oct 2017 — 14 Oct 2017
Ogni colore dipinge se stesso e anche gli altri

Eugenia Vanni

29 Sep 2017 — 10 Nov 2017
Extra Moenia

Helena Hladilovà, Namsal Siedlecki

28 Jun 2017 — 10 Sep 2017
Miart 2017

João Freitas, Marco Andrea Magni, Oscar Abraham Pabón

12 Apr 2017 — 15 Apr 2017
Lo Spazio Punto

Marco Andrea Magni

05 Dec 2016 — 17 Feb 2017
An Archaeology of The Oath

Oscar Abraham Pabón, Eugenia Vanni

30 Sep 2016 — 27 Nov 2016
Notte in Bianco

Serena Vestrucci

01 Apr 2016 — 27 Jun 2016
Lotteria Immanuel

Christian Manuel Zanon

18 Jan 2016 — 03 Mar 2016
Tapping in The Dark

Edith Dekyndt, Sophie Giraux, Mario De Brabandere

21 Sep 2015 — 20 Nov 2015
To Be Titled

João Freitas

01 May 2015 — 24 Jun 2015

Giovanni Giaretta, Renato Leotta, Cesare Pietroiusti

16 Feb 2015 — 11 Apr 2015
Allegoria #2. La Pittura Oltre se Stessa

Angelo Sarleti, Michele Tocca

18 Sep 2014 — 18 Nov 2014
Point of view: pitture imperfette

Sara Enrico, Helena Hladilovà, Pietro Manzo, Giovanni Oberti

15 Mar 2014 — 25 May 2014
De Sculptura

Giulio Delvè, Namsal Siedlecki

23 Sep 2013 — 15 Nov 2013
RSVP Contemporary art in private spaces

Emanuele Becheri, Ettore Favini

14 May 2013 — 14 May 2013
Il Primo Giorno di Sole

Serena Fineschi

03 May 2013 — 29 Jun 2013
Genealogia #3

Francesco Carone

08 Mar 2013 — 29 Apr 2013
Più Giovani di Così non si Poteva

Marco Andrea Magni

26 Oct 2012 — 04 Jan 2013
Mein Gebiet

Luca Cutrufelli

21 Jun 2012 — 30 Jul 2012
Genealogia #2

Giovanni Ozzola, Remo Salvadori

16 Mar 2012 — 29 Apr 2012
Genealogia #1

Emanuele Becheri, Carlo Guaita

21 Sep 2011 — 10 Nov 2011

Point of view: pitture imperfette

Sara Enrico, Helena Hladilovà, Pietro Manzo, Giovanni Oberti

15 Mar 2014 — 25 May 2014
Opening: 15 Mar 2014
By: Gino Pisapia

“POINT OF VIEW: Imperfect Paintings” is a point of view, a lateral vision, a view from a special vantage point that seeks to reflect on the painterly aspect of sculpture, by analyzing and comparing four works created by four artists who are very different in terms of their age, technique, and poetics, but who share a common style of work that, in some respects, straddles the border between painterly sculpture and sculp- tural painting. In light of this, the sub-title is designed to highlight the extent to which the technique of painting can modify its “corpus” to become something different from, and other than, its classic definition. The works on display thus become perceptive devices that are able to decode the complexity of what it means to produce sculpture today, by means of a formal lyricism that is terse and uncompromising, and which, at the same time, allows the artist to detach himself (or herself) from the label that identifies their genre. These works show, on their surface, the result of a process which, although physical and technical, is above all a mental process, deriving from a dialectical approach that is the result of the poetics that each individual pursues, and innovates.
Or, rather, we could say that the open-ended, sketchy nature of these sculptural paintings corresponds to the idea of an underlying imperfection in human things, and, since art is a human thing, it acquires the human value of a virtue. Hence the need for each individual to analyze and modify painting, but without giving it overt consideration, an exercise performed unwittingly, and that is sometimes the product of a mistake. A mistake that becomes a factor of strength in the work by Hladilová, or a leftover on which one can build a volume in the work by Enrico, blurring the photographic memory in Manzo’s work, before finally censoring the image that denies the function (Oberti).
Thus, each work acquires a major syntactical value that triggers a process of virtuous relations within a continuous, circular dialogue, thanks to which it is possible to construct an “artful” narrative, where sculp- ture and painting inform each other, and complete each other.

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